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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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country. frustration in the streets in the wake of a grand jury decision. not to indict a new york city police officer. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai, emotional polarizing night in the country. show you within the past hour. few lanes of 101, east palo alto briefly shuttle down by protestors. 101/university avenue. officers kept the crowd off the freeway. many are stanford students. >> don't shoot! don't shoot! >> chanting as they walked. the march started downtown, 50 demonstrators took to university avenue blocking the streets. in oakland, familiar sight. demonstrators, marching, chanting to show disbelief and disappointment. joining others across the country after the new york grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer in the death of an unarmed black man.
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the protests peaceful. unlike protests last week stemming from the ferguson case. in new york city where garner died, the chant was "i can't breathe" eric garner's last word. protesters stood outside radio city music hall. chanting, waving signs. they shut down the iconic grand central station. hundred packed the train station for a die-in, lying on the floor, basically blocking everyone. nbc's bay area's peggy bunker has more. >> he should be here celebrating christmas, thanksgiving, and everything else with his children and his grandchildren. and he can't. >> once again. outrage. across the country after a grand jury's decision not to indict a police officer who put eric garner in a chokehold killing him. the disturbing video captured garner's last word. i can't breathe.
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chokehold have been banned since 1993. police were trying to arrest garner for repeatedly selling cigarettes. while obesity and asthma contributed. the coroner's report says the cause was homicide from the chokehold. >> how could we put our trust in the justice system when they fail us look thiike this? they didn't only fail me. they failed many of us. >> reporter: that sentiment shared by african-american community service agency in san jose. executive director says there is a lack of trust between officers and blacks. >> driving while black, walking while black. there is a distrust between our community and the gisystem. need to be fedexed. >> garner's widow pleaded for peaceful protests while blaming the police for her husband's death. >> why, because a cop did wrong.
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somebody that gets paid to do right, did wrong. he is not held accountable for it. >> now, jessica, many neighbors say they often saw mr. garner on the streets. lucky cigarettes for 50 cents each. arrested for doing so before. the new york city police officer cleared by the grand jury, he released a statement saying he never intend to harm any one. expressed condolens to the garner family. back to you. >> thank you, peggy. coverage at nbc bay you can find reaction to the grand jury decision including comments from politicians. >> got to the weather. new video. crews back tomorrow morning. to continue repairs to this large sinkhole. in san francisco's richmond district. the deluge of rain in the past 24 hours was just too much for one of these sewer pipes. that pipe was installed in 1904.
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one of the rare storms. the bay area was impacted. flooding, damage. and the most rainfall we have had, collectively in more than a year. team coverage this evening. begin with our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, tracking for the morning commute. >> even though the center of the storm, raj, jess, moved off course. back he in high it. air is unstable. just takes a little ripple in the upper level atmosphere and we are finding showers getting parked off. right now, finding the heaviest rainfall here across the san jose area, east san jose. where the heavier pocket right across ever green. right now. that will likely continue for the next half-hour. and that's what we'll continue to see. overnight hours. the areas of rainfall develop. then it begins to clear out. you can see, consistent band of rainfall here. across 24. the tunnel. emoryville. oakland as well. roadways are so slick. all of it takes is just a couple drops. getting a lot of water brought
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up on to the roadways. futurecast tomorrow morning. albeit, no heavy widespread rainfall. at 8:30. but just a little bit of green up there to the north bay. also for the south bay. that could mean enough to slow of our travelers down for the morning commute. so scattered areas of rainfall. lingering through 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. then over 48 hours. our new storm developing. the storm system, though it is going to be, mod ralt erate on scale of storms. a potent punch. how much rainfall we have had. details on how much we will pick up in a few. >> impressive rain totals. damage as well. bay area, cleaning up this evening from two days of downpours. it prepares for more rain. morning commute, in marin, 101, total mess. jeanne elle is live. we told you about the large sinkhole. blocking traffic. that is a mess in the morning too, jeanne. >> well, here at 6th avenue,
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closed tomorrow morning. take a look you. can see why. that pickup truck. could easily fit inside that sinkhole. it is 20 x 20. the rain was too much for pipes in several parts of the bay area. crews, dig into a 20 x 20 sinkhole in the richmond district. neighbor, david rose, knew something was wrong when he didn't have any water. something must be wrong. i want to the basement. to see if maybe one of my pipes were broken. >> he saw the problem within the street. the san francisco public utilities commission. the heavy rain, overwhelmed an old sewer pipe. and when a sewer pipe breaks it sucks the roadway down into it. sort of causes a sinkhole to form. >> crews restored water service, 3:30. they have to replace the pipes and the road. >> very good response. >> in belmont, crews hoping to prevent a sinkhole from forming.
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closing a block of middle road. at el camino. too much walter broter broke th. >> the pipe collapses. water has to go some where. find the path of least resistant. >> some drivers stopped to find out how long the detour will last. >> very high traffic area, very. yeah, a lot of homes. complexes. yeah. this is a pain. >> crews here say the six may not be complete until next week. back in san francisco. tuc has teams working long hours to get the road reopened. neighbors say we need rain, the impact takes getting used to. >> kind of inconvenient. traffic. people getting in accidents. sink holes happening. i guess, the state need the water this winter. >> crews bringing in equipment.
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working here, 9:00 tonight. back here until first thing in the morning. hoping to get lake reopened as early as tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco. jean elle, nbc bay area. >> thank you, jane. our weather coverage continues tomorrow morning on today in the bay. 4. 30. in the morning. check out san mate fire chief arrested. facing several charges including grand theft and tax evasion. his wife was arrested last year, accused of making money on fake credit card and businesses. according to the da office, she fled the country and left the wall the with fake credit card linked to her husband. due in court tomorrow. debate over mandatory dna collection may be heading to state's highest court. an appeals court ruled the california practice of taking dna samples from people arrested
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for felonies violates the constitution. three judge panel struck down the 2004 raw law that allows officers to take and score the profiles into a database. one wrote. the law violated the policy of arrestees. >> l >> slow moving train carrying pork derailed. and the cargo could have been explosive. >> richmond parkway. you see the homes. near pennsylvania have new. cheryl hurd has more. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: this man says this time his richmond neighborhood was safe. the train car that derailed on friday, right across the street from his apartment was carrying pork. neighbors swarmed, causing
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disruption. some of them even became violent. >> we are becoming the victims of the railroad drak. a -- track. in the neighborhood, victim of everything. >> pork isn't the only thing traveling down the tracks. every day. trains carrying materials travel through the county. the exact number not made public. the company overseas trains. dnsf. two gramz carrying crude oil comes through california once a month. >> highly flammable. the chief environmental health and hazards material, says, crews can only offload near the neighborhood in richmond and bakersfield. >> it is a concern. one thing for crude. it is going to be increased amount of crude. going to increase amount of food. increase by 25 fold.
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>> that's because the demand is high. >> there had been derailments. there hatch been cars. things are happening. >> the skuccompany spent $5 bil improve infrastructure. and railroad tracks in so many states. it plans to do the same next year. but not enough for lee. the thought of a possible derailment of a tree is too close to home. >> what is in the container. what does it do for? what will ham pen? >> richmond. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> i understand the rail company will not haul it away. >> history making moment. mired in controversy. the alleged secret crime committed against the first women on the uss.
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>> you got flu shot this year. maybe not as owe tekted as you think. >> google is going after the kids.
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some of the first women officers to serve on submarines may be have been secretly recorded while theyundresd. navy officials are investigating a male sailor filming three women in the shower on the uss wyoming back in 2011. now that was the first year for women officers to be assigned to the vessels.
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enlists female soldiers are not able to serve on submarines. hoping to integrate by 2020. number of sexual assaults reported by military troops jumped by 8%. latest from a report by the pentagon. according to military leaders, numbers show more victims are willing to file reports. there were several high profile attacks that sparked public outrage and demand for action by the president and congress. defense secretary chuck hagel scheduled to unveil details tomorrow. the sheriff's office showed off the unmanned aerial system in dublin. the drones, deputies, and they won't beep used for surveillance purposes. the department has been working with the alcu and there are disagreements on how to use the drones. waiting for clearance by the faa before launching.
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pallo alto, adopting a parking program to keep commuters out. how it will affect workers and caltrans wrriders too. >> no matter where you go in downtown palo alto, everyone is looking for parking shots. that's about to change. the city council passed a residential parking permit program. starting in the spring drivers who want to park for work or extended hours will need a permit. this program would begin to regulate parking. residents will receive one free park it to park outside their home. workers pay $100 to $466 per year depending on income.
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>> lot of people working here working on minimum wage or above. starting to pay for permits and garages is going to bea problem. >> caltrans commuters who grab a spot won't be able to get a permit. they will have to park in the caltrans line. they worked with businesses and employees for the decision. it will ease congestion to the empty parking garages downtown. and away from the homes of people like sylvisylvia. >> people over there. don't stop at the stop line. less of that. it would be a good thing. we have less traffic here. >> well, not a good match. the new warning from the cdc about flu shots. half of the latest flu virus samples match the flu strain. that makes the strength of the
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virus mutated. warning doctors to be ready to give patients, tamiflu if necessary. >> time to check in with meteorologist, jeff ranieri. track the train. may get a respite. starts again. what we have had over 48 hours. so much energy in the atmosphere. scattered showers. and lower levels. near the crowd. and you also want the plan. go both ways. visibility. want to take it in two areas. finding rainfall. east san jose. moderate rain. off toward the east. it will likely stay, east and we have a few spotty showers near pleasantton.
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lafayette and as well. that's really the nature what we will find for tomorrow morning. hit and miss activity. over 24 hour. one of the top totals coming in. weather underground. up here in los gatos. 4 inches in 24 hours. that's why we have flooding. all these issues. go up to palo alto, it continues. san francisco, close to 2 inches. over 2 inches in as well. mentioning a wild past two days. overall on average. 2-4 inches. higher elevations, 3-6 inches. we talked about this little respite in the forecast. a lot of areas with water for today. will see it recede. into the bay. bottom line. not expecting any widespread
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rainfall. bud just a little bit of water. see the rain in the north bay. polsably in the south bay. enough to keep the roadways slick. could be the after storm effect. but you may need the windshield pipe wipers. nothing. push ahead. looks by all accounts. friday, 1:00 see the storm system lining up offshore. have the umbrella. likely need it friday. rainfall through the even. until 11:00. the weekend goes. spotty showers. 6:00 in the morning. cool out. and just in time for the weekend. had any kind of storm damage. time to get that under way. here's -- thursday, isolated areas of rain. not heavy. past two days. new storm. fourter inch. 3/4 inch. may have downed trees.
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and power outages. take-up to the forecast. thursday. you know how to dress. and need the jacket. snow in here. don't think you need sunglasses. san jose, 66 degrees. san francisco, low 60s. winds. 10-20 miles per hour. make it feel like the 50s. take-up to the north bay, east bay, trivalley. 65, 66 in oakland. 65, wall net creek. 's the's give you've the goods now. next too if mans of chain chance of ran. dry, saturday. sunday. check this ow. more rain expected monday's forecast. then maybe another stormer strong. next thursday, friday. raj, jess. numbers -- 100%. better than average rainfall. 164%.
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>> good news. >> numbers we like to see. >> still ahead. one of the most famous christmas trees in the country lit up tonight. star power as well. >> daniel radcliffe. mike tyson. and you have got to watch. we are on next!
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>> crowns for kids. google about to roll out child friendly versions of its product. next year, new youtube, search, chrome. kids 13 and under. more and more kids are using their products. they want to make sure it is accessible. google processes 40,000 searches a second. >> drop your iphone. no worries. your screen might not crack. a dream, right. apple granted a patent to build a gravity defying tool in the future hi phones.
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the tool would reorient the phone and when it dropped. to protect the screen from shattering. according to the patent document, the tool would use air foils like the ones used in space x rockets to change shape and cushion the fall. >> huh. >> no idea what i just said. very interesting.
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i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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>> good evening. geraud moncure in the studios. for the raiders, sunday might as well be super bowl sunday. for the 49ers, slippery sunday at best. trip to the great northwest. a week away. despite the rivalry implications this would be an easy game to bypass, seattle next up on the schedule after the beatdown. 49ers took on thanksgiving. raiders humiliated. motivation shouldn't be a problem on either side. they played better the lost close games. san diego. other games like that. so, they definitely are a better team than the record shows. we got to go out and play a good game. >> well aware how good of a fbl team they are. well aware.
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it will be physical. no question. >> we will get good fight after last week in st. louis. we know what type of game it will be. going to write them off. we aren't. expecting a good match up. >> colin kaepernick. a man of few words today. no exception. >> all right. >> what about you personally. >> the writer. >> all told. managed just 83 word in response to 29 questions over half an hour. when asked if he wanted jim harbaugh to return in 2016. yes. without a doubt. last night the type of game last year's warriors would have lost. came from behind to beat the magic. 98-97. seth curry, dialing in long distance for the winner. how many time did he name the western play of the month. >> check out three plays. >> probably, six-second fine.
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$40,000. yeah, everybody different reaction on the court. including my team mates. people aroundy. pretty funny. [ indiscernible. >> would have watched it myself. free agency. 40 year, $4434 deal. more news after the break.
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so you could put a holiday twist on the build-your-own grand slam? waiter: yep. new gingerbread french toast and pumpkin pancakes. but they're only around for a limited time. girl: can i still get it if i'm on the naughty list? waiter, chuckling: i think you'll be fine. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
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>> december 3rd. ready to go. holiday tradition. helped kick off the season. the christmas tree at 30efeller. lit up to night. people on hand. cyndi lauper, trisha yearwood. the tree had a crystal star and 45,000 l.e.d. lights. traditioncup -- construction workers. >> jimmy fallon and nancy from marin county are welcoming a daughter. the host of the tonight show kept it under wraps until today. born this morning. franny send her thanks.
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this is fallon's second child. winnie was born last year. a big year for fallon. named entertainer of the year by entertainment weekly, and a daddy for the second time. >> all the late night diaper changes. >> you guys are good friend with him. you can help him out. >> bring them over, jimmy. bring them over. >> before we go. >> lingering showers. few spotty showers for the morning. as well. dry weather by the weekend. hang in the rain.ks.ñ uát probably another slow commute. thank you for joining us. have a great tomorrow. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." ♪ tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- daniel radcliffe -- mike tyson --


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